A bountiful year end for Bluefruit Software - Software Cornwall

November 2014
bluefruitRedruth-based embedded software company Bluefruit is celebrating a 50% growth in both recruitment and office expansion as their 2013/14 corporate calendar draws to a close.
Previously known as Absolute Software, October 31st marked the end of an exciting year. As well as launching their new name and branding this summer, the Cornish software company saw the recruitment of ten new additions to their team and a doubling of office space to accommodate them.
Paul Massey, Director, commented: “Going through a rebrand as Bluefruit Software has been an incredible journey. Our team has increased in depth and our overall business growth is very promising for the future.”
New additions to the Cornish software company include development and marketing positions, complimenting an already well-established team.

As well as prospering in the workplace, Bluefruit have also made appearances at the Cornwall Skills Show Experience, Agile on the Beach and independently run software training courses throughout the year.
Paul added that he feels that regularly hosting events such as their BDD training week in June plays a vital role in the success of the company.
These figures not only show that Bluefruit are celebrating the growth of their multi-skilled, specialist team, but also proves their position as influential experts in the embedded software industry.