Cornwall College lecturer launches Xbox One game - Software Cornwall

A lecturer from Cornwall College St. Austell has just launched  his first Xbox One game.  Steve Smith helped devise the Animation for Games course about 7 years ago after several years teaching Film & Media; all the time working on external game projects with his brother.

Gear Gauntlet, which became available for download at midnight, brings together beautiful artwork and a frustrating but addictive format, which demonstrates unique but difficult action arcade gameplay.

Steve said: “Players have reacted amazingly well to Gear Gauntlet thus far; it’s a game designed to be rather difficult but players keep coming back for more & wowing us.”

The game’s development took off around 3 years ago, when Steve met with a software developer called Jay Adeloye. They successfully applied to [email protected] and have since showcased their work at Rezzed 2015 and 2016, an indie game event in London.

Steve said: “Meeting Jay and working on Gear Gauntlet has been exceptionally hard but rewarding work; making games is a wonderfully creative process.”

On the website reviewers say: “A well-crafted and replayable arcade game that will challenge absolutely every player. Level designs are sound and the visuals are a true delight – if you ever get a chance to check them out before dying. 8/10.”

This is not Steve’s first venture into game production; working with his brother prior to Gear Gauntlet he has created a number of games for mobiles & tablets. Including ‘Drawtopia’ which is available across all formats; receiving over half a million downloads.

Steve concluded: “It just shows that with serious work, a belief in what you’re creating and those around you, you can undertake any challenge.”

Gear Gauntlet, from Drop Dead Interactive is available now on Xbox One.

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Official Xbox One Rezzed 2015 trailer: