Robert Wiltshire - Software Cornwall

Robert Wiltshire Education Outreach Digital Skills Developer

Education Outreach Officer and Digital Development Lead on EU Clusters project.

If your school would like to hear about the opportunities in software within Cornwall then Robert can certainly help. He can provide assemblies from Primary to sixth form, workshops with all the equipment provided, work experiences with our Mission to Mars robots and also assists with the Cornwall Tech Jam on Saturdays.

Robert joined Software Cornwall in 2017 after being a volunteer at the Tech Jams for four years and running a Code Club at his children’s school. He first created a website back when Altavista was the king of search engines and google was just a number.

Robert has been an avid digital maker since 2011, digital and analogue photographer, astronomer and general tinkerer. His interest in computers lies with how to physically interact with them and the environment.

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