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Call out to Cornish Digital Makers

Software Cornwall, sponsored by Agile on the Beach and Cornwall Council, supported by European Developing Skills for Business funding and the IAmDigital Academy, are inviting Cornish digital makers, of any age, to come and exhibit their ideas, inventions and creations at an international conference in Falmouth. Participation is free. Individuals, teams or groups from Schools, Colleges, Universities or other organisations are welcome.


Wednesday 10th July

Wednesday 10th July marks the start of Agile on the Beach 2019 at the University of Falmouth. Delegates from around the world are convening for two days of learning, listening, workshops and networking with 50 national and international speakers on the core topic of Agile Software Development covering Software Craftsmanship, Team Development, Leadership, and Product Design & Management see

The opening evening provides a perfect opportunity for delegates to come and see the creativity of the Cornish digital maker movement. This digital maker showcase will enable participants of the Open Tech Challenge to meet, chat, swap ideas, learn something new and discuss their build with interested like-minded creatives. Your project may have been an educational project whether for fun or part of a marked assessment. We are hoping to encourage entrants from a wide skill set of individuals.

Open Technology Challenge

This launch event is the start of the Open Tech Challenge from Software Cornwall. With the backing of the conference and Cornwall Council, the aim is to have regular meetings around Cornwall. Those of you with a creative technological persuasion will now have an outlet for your ideas, somewhere to meet and greet others, to show and tell and possibly meet companies interested in taking your abilities further.

This is not just about somewhere to get together for a social chat. It is about getting those interested in utilising technology. Those who enjoy solving a problem with software or digital solutions. Those who would like to develop their interest into something more. Who knows who you might meet or what you might learn?

What do we mean by Open Tech Challenge?

Open means three main things:

  • It is Open for everyone to enter – no matter what your skill set, age, background or what you are currently doing you can join. Either as an individual or as a group from your school, college, workplace or family
  • Open also means that what you or your team bring is available to the community as a whole rather than a purely commercial project. It does not mean you have to use Open Source Software but the end result will be Open Source – see our rules.
  • Open as in what you bring to show does not have to be to the challenge theme but we’d like to see how different teams come up with different results.


  • means anything that uses technology in any way to solve a problem. So it could be, for instance, an app or a robot or using the Internet of Things.

Challenge means two things:

  • We want to Challenge everyone to come up with ideas.
  • To allow these ideas to become reality we will be offering support for selected projects in a variety of ways – this could be advice, help with buying equipment, introductions or additional learning or training. At the first event we will be finding out the best way to support these ideas so that we can make the best use of the resources we have available.


  • at the Event we hope to develop some Themes around the kind of problems that need solving – these might include the Environment, Social Inclusion, improving training and education.  Please bring your thoughts on these topics to the event.

So Where is the Challenge?

At the event Software Cornwall will introduce the first challenge which should encourage creativity and problem solving. It aims to inspire young and old to achieve digital fluency through collaboration. Joining in is not mandatory nor is Software Cornwall expecting everyone to join in. Non challenge creations are still welcome at later meets. This is an open challenge to all exhibiting, and to those that are not, to have a go at developing something for subsequent, meetings. The challenges do not necessarily have to be built to be shown. Remember ideas, the development and presentation of ideas and written code would require no outlay and still be welcome. But the organisers or their sponsors reserve the right to offer participants offers of vouchers of support if they feel it is appropriate.

How to Exhibit

Ideas completed, in progress or still at the development stage are welcome. Bring along something to show. A video on a tablet or laptop maybe, a poster with drawings and photographs, parts and pieces still to be assembled or the completed creation. Show off your coding skills to solve that problem, encourage others to take a look under the hood of your creation, open up your ideas to a wider audience but be prepared to absorb new ideas from others too.

Software Cornwall asks that you register to exhibit for the event before 28th June. Late comers will not necessarily be excluded but we need to organise the space. If you’d just like to visit then you are welcome too and bring along your ideas next time.

Booking a Place

Entrance is by pre-booked tickets only. Each individual attending will need to book a ticket as the tickets includes a pasty and refreshments. Tickets are booked through Eventbrite here.


Entry is at the top of the campus and parking is in the main car parks. This requires a 10 minute walk down to the venue. For accessibility requests please contact us after placing your booking. There is a limited supply of accessibility parking.

Some Ground Rules

The Challenge is designed to:

  • Encourage and inspire students, young and old, to begin participating in digital making and software development.
  • Help organisations identify and bring in new contributors.
  • Provide students and older others interested in computer science and other fields with exposure software development, including coding work, community involvement and physical computing to a theme.
  • By participating in a Challenge or by presenting your own build or ideas you acknowledge that the organisers and their partners may judge you, offer assistance and encouragement.
  • Any work does not need to be complete or fully working to be shown at a meeting. An idea or work in progress has just as much merit to be shown as one completed and fully operational.
  • Changes to Challenge. Software Cornwall may suspend, cancel, or modify the structure of the Challenge if technical difficulties or events beyond their reasonable control prevent or make it unfair to run the Challenge in accordance with these Contest Rules.
  • Those under the age of 16 must have their submission be made by their parent/guardian and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times at the meetings.
  • To enter the Challenge, you must first register on the Website during the listed registration times. Late registration may prevent participation but every effort will be made to accommodate everyone.
  • All entries must be “Open” this does not mean you have to use Open Source Software but the end result will be Open Source and not for commercial gain. The challenge is about sharing and learning from others and assisting others to develop.
  • Organisers or their sponsors reserve the right to offer participants offers of work, prizes or bursaries as they see fit.
  • Each entry will be judged according to the following factors: creativity, thoroughness, and quality of work. Other factors may be added at the organisers discretion. The Organisation’s decision is final and binding on the presentation of rewards.
  • Software Cornwall operates a tolerant and inclusive practice. Everyone is welcome to participate and should be expected to enjoy the time free from harassment or bullying. Anyone who is unable to adhere to these principles are advised not to join in.
  • Participation is free.
  • Privacy Policy: Your privacy is very important to us – please see our privacy policy for how we look after your personal data.

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