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We recently introduced you to Jordan, who wrote a blog article about her inspiring journey from a Mission to Mars attendee to becoming a Software Developer here at Bluefruit. As promised, we are super happy to share another great guest article with you, written by Ian. Ian tells us a bit more on what it’s like to be a Bluefruit apprentice: From learning how to write clean, robust and efficient code, to general testing including regression testing, as well as first-hand mentoring from his Team Lead on all things Agile, TDD and BDD. Our apprenticeship program covers it all – ensuring he has the right skillset and tools he needs to becoming a successful Software Developer.

Thank you, Ian, for sharing your experience with us! We have one more article to share with you from our apprentices, stay tuned!

Hi, I am Ian. It is now 5 months since I started on the fulfilling journey of training to become a Software Developer through a Software Developer L4 Apprenticeship with Bluefruit Software. The interview process was split into two phases – a one-day coding workshop that assessed technical aptitude, team work, and ability to learn; and a formal interview with Team Leads, the Test Lead, and the General Manager.

In the first phase, I got to meet my potential Team Leads and was introduced to the crucial disciplines of Test Driven Development and Pair Programming. All the coding challenges on the day were completed in C++, a very powerful general-purpose programming language. Crucial lessons from phase one were the necessity of writing clean, robust, and highly-efficient code that is properly tested.
Bluefruit Software places great emphasis on writing code that is habitable, scalable, and robust.

The second phase was designed to get to know me as a person. We discussed my background as a professional musician and my fascination with technology from a young age, as well as my past experiences with programming, future aspirations, and the company’s expectations of the role that I had applied for. Not long after that, I received an exciting phone call saying that I had been accepted as one of the Company’s apprentices. This was followed by receiving a warm email from my current Team Lead – and was my introduction to a team of highly experienced and equally supportive engineers.

Training is a very important part of Bluefruit Software’s ethos. I receive weekly training in software development and testing as well as regular mentoring from either a Software Engineer or a Software Tester. The engineers are approachable: you can always walk up to one with a challenge or problem or obstacle – and always come away with solutions and a lesson for it.

Currently, I am gaining experience with relevant technologies and domains; observing and working on projects in various platforms and languages from C to C++ to C#. In the continuous journey of gaining experience of testing systems with complex solutions, I have performed a major regression test, a mid-sprint release test, and supported a Test Engineer in preparing for a major release test. I had my first experience of a BDD (Behavioural Driven Development) with my Team Lead, having to set up an automated testing experience executed via the use of a test runner written in C# with a proprietary test framework. I am training to be able to produce technical (release) reports in the future.

It is not all about the targets and projects with work, though. Bluefruit Software gives me access to the gym at work and generous holidays. There is a continual bonding of teams through exciting lunch time and after work actives, including games of strategy like “Go” which help improve logical skills and let you get to know your colleagues better.

I go to work with a spring in my step each morning, looking forward to the dynamic and supportive environment in which we operate. It is against this backdrop that I look forward to gaining the industry-relevant programming and development skills.

If you would like to explore a career in Cornwall’s Tech Sector, you can find out more about upcoming Missions, Tech Jams and other career pathway support in our Learn section of the website. You may also be eligible for our Game Changer and Digital Guru programmes designed to help you find your perfect career pathway. Contact us at [email protected] and let us know your career ambitions!

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