Become a STEM Ambassador - Software Cornwall

Have you thought of becoming a STEM ambassador?

Several members of the Cornwall Digital Meetup Group are already STEM ambassadors and we’d like to encourage more of you to become one.

There is a STEM ambassador induction course at Cornwall College Newquay, on Wednesday, 20th April, from 5-7pm and you can register here:

You can find out more about STEM here:

There are many reasons why people become STEM Ambassadors:

  • Engage and enthuse young people about STEM
  • Give teachers a unique perspective on how the STEM curriculum can be demonstrated in the world of work
  • Encourage young people to consider STEM careers and qualification
  • Contribute to improved academic achievement in STEM subjects.
  • Develop other employability skills in young people, including confidence, team-work, presentation and creativity


If you are over the age of 17 with skills or interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics you can register as a STEM Ambassador. The most important qualities in STEM Ambassadors are that they are enthusiastic and positive role models for STEM subjects and associated careers.

Many STEM Ambassadors report:

  • Enjoying a sense of achievement
  • Facing a different challenge from everyday work
  • Challenging stereotypes which young people have about STEM subjects and related careers
  • Gaining a fresh perspective on day-to-day work when seen through the eyes of students
  • Helping to make a difference in the local community
  • Developing new skills and confidence