What outreach is provided? - Software Cornwall

Secondary Schools

We provide careers assemblies highlighting the work companies do in the technology sector within Cornwall. These last from 15 minutes up to 45 minutes.

Workshops on Python programming with Microbits and also the Microbits and our Mission to Mars rovers. Then short Bytesize versions of the work experience coding utilising Arduino and the rovers. Sessions are from an hour in length with all the equipment provided. No internet access is required as all necessary software has already been downloaded onto the 20 Raspberry Pi computers we bring in to the school. Maximum class size is 30, minimum 10.

Careers Carousels require the participation of various companies. Students rotate around the company tables in small groups asking questions of the employers for around 10 minutes per table. We will attend a careers carousel though the organisation of all the companies is up to you.

Work Experience for Year 10 pupils in July each year. Open to 30 students through the Cornwall Council Work Experience. Very popular and usually requires applying for a place before Christmas the year before.

Software Cornwall Education Outreach at Hennock Primary School

Primary Schools

Career assemblies highlighting what a career is, what jobs people in Cornwall really do and what it is that we can offer. Showcases technology in Cornwall and the possibilities in the future.

Workshops for Years 5 & 6 in Python on our Raspberry Pi computers and Microbits. Younger years will learn programming with Scratch to control Traffic Lights. All equipment needed is provided and internet access is not required.