Software Cornwall and Agile on the Beach - how do they relate to one another? - Software Cornwall

Both Software Cornwall (SWC) and Agile on the Beach (AOTB) were originally formed by a like minded group of people working in the software sector in Cornwall. AOTB was founded by Toby Parkins and Mike Barritt in 2011 and SWC by Toby, Mike, Paul Massey and Paul Clark in 2015.

They are completely separate legal entities and will remain as such, however, they do have Mike and Toby as common directors.

More recently the team that runs both businesses has been brought together to ensure efficiency by pooling resource, skills and knowledge so we now have Holly, Kayley, Niki and Robert working across both companies to different degrees.

This allows us to bring together all the knowledge and learning from both organisation to support the Software/Tech and Skills Sector in Cornwall.