Environmental Monitoring Work Experience - Software Cornwall

LoRaWan and Data Collection

Monday 10th – Friday 14th July 2023

This work experience introduces the students to the importance of monitoring the environment and the uses of the data acquired. LoRaWan is a suite of data collections points that are able to continuously provide real time information and the capability to act upon it. Worldwide there is a network of Gateways monitoring all manner of Node sensors. The sensors can be indoors or out. Attached to a light, or a door, fencepost or cow. Each beaming their information back to a central Gateway and onwards through the internet back to the users.

On this work experience students will learn how to provision the network, use the hardware and collect the data. There are companies in Cornwall working with this technology locally and at other locations around the country. This technology is part of the internet of things on a wide scale. Cutting edge and eminently suitable for use in Cornwall.

You will be working as part of a team to get a LoRaWan system up and running. It will require new skills to be learnt and an understanding of the applications of this technology. You will be working under an agile working practice as well as presenting your weeks experiences at the end. It is an opportunity to work alongside others learning a new technology.