Education Outreach

Cornwall’s Tech Community connecting with the Employees of the Future

Software Cornwall represents a network of nearly 50 companies operating in Cornwall. In the future, these companies will require talented staff to fill available positions at all levels within their organisations.

Software Cornwall’s education outreach programme was created to help encourage the next generation into the tech industry as well as help connect education and businesses through shared activity. By showcasing the counties software community and encouraging exploration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) topics through software, we aim to facilitate future growth of the tech industry.

Finding New Employees

Currently, a lot of advertised positions are being filled by individuals from elsewhere in the country and around the world. CEOs have even traveled abroad to encourage foreign talent to join them in Cornwall. These organisations would rather local children are shown that right around them is an exciting and well-paid career path.

We’re seeing lots of faces from previous outreach activities gain employment within our network. Graduates of our Mission to Mars and Agile Summer Huddle programmes are now contributing to industry leading projects across Cornwall. Gain more insight by reading Jordan’s post on her journey.

Connect with Schools

Our aim is to bring to every secondary school pupil in the county the opportunity to try out computer coding, show them projects local businesses are working on and meet professionals working in the county today.

Our funding allows us to:

  • Provide a digital career assembly to every pupil in every secondary school year. Currently over 20,000 reached.
  • Assist in setting up a Code Club in every secondary school.
  • Develop Mission to Mars, our work experience offering. Nearly 400 attendees so far.
  • Support Cornwall Tech Jam and provide extracurricular activities. Once a month on a Saturday.

The assemblies will showcase the Cornwall Software Industry highlighting the work being done. We will show the benefits of working in the technology industry in Cornwall, briefly demonstrate uses of computer programming that maybe have not been seen before to engage pupils currently not aware of. Whenever possible we will set up a mini Tech Jam during the assembly visit for interested pupils to come along, try out some coding on our equipment and learn more about digital career pathways.

Hands-on Experience

Mission to Mars was developed to provide an encapsulated work experience, supported b companies from the Software Cornwall Network. Participants are mentored by professionals and given a real insight into life as a software startup.

Ada and Alan, the rover robots, are programmed to negotiate the surrounding terrain, avoiding obstacles and navigate to a home beacon. Not as easy as it sounds given that each rover has its own ‘quirks’! The experience will hopefully encourage these pupils to further consider a future career in the tech sector in Cornwall.

We also support the monthly Tech Jams dotted around the county. These are open events where anyone is welcome to come along, for free, and try their hands at coding, meet similarly minded people and see what projects others are working on.


See our events calendar for our latest outreach events, missions and any school visits scheduled. Get in touch with to find out more about any of the above