Digital Gurus - Software Cornwall

Software Cornwall, through our Education Outreach programme, are pleased to be working with school-aged Digital Gurus from across the county.

Our Digital Guru program is available, upon invite, for year 10 & 11 students who are destined for a career in digital technologies. On a monthly basis, during school time, a small group of gurus attend sessions hosted by industry experts from the Software Cornwall family. In these sessions, participants get to use professional development practices and tools, designed to complement the lessons taught in the classroom. Topics planned for 2018 include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Chatbot Integrations and API development.

By exposing Gurus to a broader range of technologies, it’s hoped that they will find their digital grove earlier in their education pathway. The result should a greater understanding of the tech industry plus an understanding of the skills needed to have a successful long-term career. It will also help in choosing the right college courses and build the connections for future apprenticeships and work experience placements.

The Digital Gurus program is part of Software Cornwall’s long-term investment in the counties STEM students. With some funding provided by the Careers Enterprise Company, the program is free at the point of delivery, relying on the network of businesses that make up the tech industry in Cornwall.

To express an interest for inclusion in our Digital Gurus programme or to host a session, please get get in touch with our education team.