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Apprenticeships in Software

The days of identifying apprenticeships with low quality training for dull jobs is the past. With top level companies  offering apprenticeships in all manner of skills around the country an apprenticeship is now recognised as a smart way to the career of your choice.

The biggest draw for those considering an apprenticeship over a university course is the cost. Attending university for three years could find you £30,000 pounds in debt to the student finance organisation. Repaying this back will take time and even though how much that is paid back is governed by how much you earn once leaving. Whilst many view this as a learning tax, it is a burden that some would rather not have. An apprenticeship is studying whilst at the same time earning. And whilst studying you are gaining real world experience within a company.

Apprenticeships also offer the benefits offered to staff too. You won’t get the long academic holidays but the holidays are paid time off. It is practical on the job training with academic learning too. You are not just a student but an employee and as such represent the company when attending the college as part of the training.

Where Do You Start?

Anyone considering starting an apprenticeship needs to know where to start the search. Apprenticeships are advertised like jobs by companies and on websites. The websites are listed below. There you can search for apprenticeships by type and locality. For an apprenticeship in software you need to look up under the IT Area of Interest. Enter your post code and the results will come up.

An apprenticeship vacancy can start from the employer or college provider. Both may be advertising the posts available. But the application process will be the same as both parties need to interview you. The company would interview you as any new prospective employee and the college would to check that you are capable of doing the course.

You may already have an idea about which company you would like to work with. You can also approach the companies and the colleges to ask them about an apprenticeship. Business Development Managers will then approach the company about starting an apprenticeship.

Not Just for School Leavers

Apprenticeships are also available to those already within a company too, enabling staff retraining and betterment. A fact not all that well known is that an apprenticeship can be offered to anyone over the age of 16. There is no upper age limit as long as the apprenticeship is not too related to any other previous qualifications the applicant may already have.

So to put it simply:

  • Check the press and media for companies advertising apprenticeships.
  • Check company websites for their advertised apprenticeships.
  • Check college providers for apprenticeships they are offering.
  • Check these websites for apprenticeships offered.
  • Approach the colleges and ask if they have any apprenticeships with a specific company you’d like to work for. They may have soon or may be able to set one up with them. It is in their and your best interest to do this.

This Could Be You

The reason Software Cornwall exists is to support the industry in Cornwall. The industry needs new staff in order to grow and become even better than it is. We aim to enlighten as many students as possible as to the possibilities of a career in software in Cornwall. And to illustrate this read these articles from our pages:

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