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European Social Fund Business Clusters Project

The Business Clusters project is a part-funded European Union Social Fund project. The Gateway into Tech projects aim is to engage with companies in developing new ways of training potential new employees. To help talented individuals with working skills gain employment within the software industry. The program will help these individuals gain specific identified skills prior to employment and take their current workplace skills with them to make them a valid new member of the software working community.

Helping Businesses Recruit

The Gateway into Tech program works on businesses engaging with the Business Clusters EU program. Taking guidance from them Software Cornwall can develop the learning program, ensuring that the content is suitable for local business needs. There is funding available for the companies that assist us in this development and further funds available for those companies providing placements to help towards training reviews and salary costs.

Companies can help Software Cornwall by providing advice and help with:

  • Initial suitability of candidates & providing interviews.
  • Development of the training program.
  • Providing training (specific funding available).
  • Provision of placements (salary costs support & review funding assistance).
  • Networking opportunities and work place visits.

If you are a company that finds this idea of providing talented people for you business interesting then we would like to hear from you. Simply drop us a line to [email protected] or complete the first part of the form at the bottom of this page. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Mathieu French, Lead software developer at Tanist and Gateway to Tech employer said:

“I can honestly say that the dedication of Sam and Luke (our Gateway to Tech placements) is something I’ve never seen before, they have gone above and beyond for Tanist in every aspect of their work and we’ve confirmed that we will be making their roles permanent.

In the first 2-3 months we’ve managed to automate processes and deliver work to clients and we’ve been able to increase our exposure from a marketing perspective, putting a definitive brand in place. It has meant that business growth has ballooned, we’ve gained work in the short term, as well as having skillsets and the right mindsets to tackle  any problem-solving issues that crop up.”

Switch to a Career in Tech

Changing careers is not an easy task. Not only taking courage but also the drive to gain new knowledge and the will to succeed. The training and learning development plan we will put together will help guide candidates to develop those skills that are really required. We shall also help them to sell themselves. Practice with applying for positions. Produce a bank of experience to demonstrate their new found skills. Also providing opportunities to network with the tech community in Cornwall.

Our aim is to provide talented work ready candidates with the right skills.

Giz Edwards, Sales and Marketing Executive at hiyield and Gateway into Tech  said:

“Although my role is not as a developer, the Gateway to Tech programme has helped my ability to do my job as I have a greater understanding of the complexity of programming, which gives me the ability to be able to advise clients better and give them a better expectation for what we can deliver.”

Started in 2021 and running until 2023 the Business Clusters European Social Fund project will enhance job opportunities within Cornwall. It will also help the skills shortage within this, the software industry, by finding skilled, able individuals and supplying them with new talents and ensuring they enhance and recognise their own.

Across Europe and in the UK the ESF is supporting jobs, helping people get better jobs and ensuring fairer living standards and job opportunities for all EU citizens. It is doing this by investing in Europe’s human capital – its workers, its young people, disadvantaged groups and all those seeking a job.

The European Social Fund in the UK

Candidate Requirements

The candidates may currently be employed or not and resident in Cornwall. Anyone may opt to change their career at any time of their lives for all manner of reasons. This is not an apprenticeship, there are no wages (until on a placement) but nor are there any costs. Except time and effort.

Candidates will need to be able to put aside around 300 hours to study over three or four months. These hours are to their own schedule except for a weekly class.

Access to the internet and a computer will be needed as candidates will be directed to online resources to study from. We are also working on ways to support access to a computer to those who may need it. They shall also need the computer to build up the online portfolio of work to link into their rebooted CV.

The Learning

The learning program may be different for each candidate. All will receive the recommended resources but individuals will be guided to follow the learning most suitable to their experience and preferences. The resources have been chosen to provide as wide an opportunity to learn as possible. Utilising these is as much about how candidates learn as what they learn. Being able to solve problems and communicate with others is as important, if not more.

The learning will include:

  • the most popular programming languages
  • building of web sites
  • working practices
  • presentational and communication skills
  • social media
  • CV writing
  • project development

Along the way there may be opportunities to gain recognised certification or badges of completion to share to your skills bank. There will be paid access to online learning platforms where necessary. Also sessions with professionals from within the industry and access to local networking events.

If you are interested as an individual in taking part in this project please register your interest by completing the form below. If you have any questions then email us at [email protected].

Applications for the current cohort are now open until December 23rd 2022. Please register if you are interested.

June Training Day

The next Gateway into Tech introduction will be held at the Bodmin Keep on Thursday 29th June 2023. it will be an opportunity to learn about LoRa technology and parts of the provisioning process to enable the equipment to work. A local company is expanding and looking to find new talent that have the right attitude to learning and work ethic.

Those who make it to the day will potentially have the chance to continue their access to learning through the Gateway into Tech. This will provide a paid for learning platform and

It will be a day of learning, widening experience and networking. The day is aimed at helping more people transition into digital careers while connecting them with eager employers who are currently recruiting.

During the day representatives from the Tech sector will attend. It’s a great opportunity to meet owners, managers and recruiters from prospective employers. 

If you are a company interested in finding some new personnel with skills potentially suitable for your needs then please contact us directly or using the form below.

Applications for participants on the January Learning Day have been closed. You are welcome to complete the form below to register interest in the next event later in the year.

Gateway into Tech Application Form

For Businesses and Candidates

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European Social Fund

ESF Business Clusters is part-funded by the European Social Fund. The project has a target of engaging with and supporting at least 580 SME and micro-businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly before it concludes in December 2023. The Business Clusters partners work with a wide range of organisations to determine their workforce skills needs and co-design and pilot new training programmes to enhance the industry-relevance of the local educational offer.

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