Introduction to Agile and Scrum

January 20, 2021

Course dates and availability will be determined based on volume of interest. This course will run over 2 afternoons What you will learn Part 1: What is Agile? What does it mean to you? Multiple frameworks Misconceptions Your Learning Journey. Shu Ha Ri Practices/Behaviours/Beliefs High Performance tree Agile Manifesto. 4…

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An Introduction to Docker

December 17, 2020

Despite the benefits, Docker is often shunned by developers. It looks complex. Terminology can be impenetrable. Tutorials never explain how to use Docker during development. It need not be this way. This course demonstrates the core concepts and explains how to integrate Docker into new or existing development projects. You…

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Internet of Things Webinar- delivered as part of IHLS

June 18, 2020

Do you manually monitor or adjust any part of your operation like temperature, water, ventilation? Or do you work with businesses who do? Delivered by experts from Cornish companies Glas Data and Ver Facil. Join other trailblazing agri-food businesses to find out how you can introduce Internet of Things sensors…

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Test Driven Development Training

May 7, 2020

First Run 16th – 19th June 2020 with Jon Jagger and Kevlin Henney Course Content Testing forms an integral part of the modern software development flow. From customer facing acceptance tests to code-focused unit tests, automated testing is part of the fabric of a modern build process and deployment pipeline….

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FREE Amazon Alexa Skill Development Workshop

January 10, 2020

Reserve your place for the Alexa Skills and AWS Developer Tools workshop, delivered by Amazon UK (AWS) Alexa, the voice service behind the Amazon Echo, is changing how we interact with the world and is enabling developers and technologists to build new voice applications or Alexa skills to reach and…

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