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Dave Griffiths Bio picture

Career Pathways – Dave Griffiths – Coder and Director

September 13, 2015

David Griffiths Director, code monkey and sharpener of pencils Business / Employer : Foam Kernow What does your company do? Foam Kernow is all about enabling people to develop creative and confident relationships with science and technology, merging our experience in science, programming and design in a broad range of…

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Photo of Belinda Waldock, Software Cornwall Co-Founder

Career Pathways :: Project Manager >>> Director :: Belinda W

September 11, 2015

Belinda Waldock     Director and Co-founder of Software Cornwall Agile Business Coach at Being Agile Co-organiser of Agile on the Beach “Technology is constantly changing and evolving which means there’s always something new to explore, I never get bored, there’s always something new to learn” Location : St Austell Years…

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